May 20, 2018
Sunday, 09:29 PM
Setup and Usage Instructions for TELE-PAGE SNPP Internet Paging
  • No Configuration is necessary unless you are behind a firewall.  If so, open port 444 on your router or firewall software.
  • To add names click on the "Add" button.  Type in the name that corresponds to the pager number you are wishing to add.  Then type in the pager number. Make sure you enter the area code plus the pager number.  No dashes or hyphens are to be used.  Ex. 9315551212
  • If you want to send a page to 1 person only - just highlight that person's name and push the send button.
  • If you want to send the same page to more than 1 person, click on the empty box beside each person's name and a check mark will appear.  Push the send button. Each person selected will receive the same message.  Also, a box will extend below the program screen indicating the page has been sent and to whom.

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